Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) - Call for Nominations 2019

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1. Enactus Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) Self-Nomination

FAC Purpose

The primary purpose of the Faculty Advisory Committee is to advise Enactus USA in shaping policy and represent the entire USA faculty network including Sam Walton Fellows/advisors, teams and colleges/universities, thus be the primary communication channel between the network and Enactus USA headquarters.

Other purposes include:

  • Serve as a responsive (timely response within 5 working days) "focus group" to Enactus USA HQ.
  • Represent the unique aspects impacting their team and teams at similar institutions.
  • Enhance Enactus programming - to include: training, mentoring and best practice sharing.
  • Assist Enactus USA HQ improve the quality and timeliness of support (e.g., team handbook, new team orientation) to teams and faculty advisors.
  • Provide feedback to Enactus USA HQ in regard to event and activity engagement and their benefits to Enactus constituents (especially; SWF/advisors, students and alumni).
  • Assist Enactus HQ grow the number of teams in the USA network.
  • Assist Enactus USA to increase the balance of STEM students as a % of total majors/degrees of Enactus student members.

College/University Information

FAC Member Qualifications

The following is a verbatim extract from the FAC Mandate:

Section 3 - Minimum Member Requirements

Members to the Faculty Advisory Committee shall have a distinguished record of service at their current college/university as a SWF/advisor at the time of nomination; shall be serving currently as a SWF/advisor to an active Enactus team; and, shall remain in such status (SWF & team) throughout their term(s).

Section 4 - Terms of Office

Members: FAC members shall serve for a period of three years and shall not serve more than two consecutive, three-year terms.  Delegates may serve a total of three 3-year terms so long as two of the terms are separated by three or more years.  Terms shall be staggered with a goal of 1/3 of  terms expiring on a given year.

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