Student Advisory Committee New Member Application 

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Page 1: Purpose Statement

SAC Purpose
: The Enactus Student Advisory Committee (SAC) is committee of active Enactus USA students that serve as the link between student/ team constituents and Enactus USA. 

As a Student Advisory Committee member, you would be involved in the following: 

ADVOCACY: Advise Enactus staff on matters regarding programming, policy, and procedures.  

PROGRAMMING: Provide various ways for students to get involved in the Enactus community. 

RECRUITMENT: Assist with prospective student recruitment, as well as alumni relations.

Page 2: Student Information

Page 3: Faculty Advisor Information

Page 4: Student Advisory Committee Application Questions

Please note: Answering "no" or "not sure" will not immediately disqualify you from consideration. The intention of these questions is simply to learn more about the candidate. 

Page 5: Open-Ended Responses